2010 – The Year Reviewed in Images

It’s been a big year for Imaging by Marlis.

Not only did I venture into the Great Unknown (well, not really) and plunge into the world of self-employment, doing what I love full-time.  Not only is it what I love, it’s now what I think about… pretty much most of the time.

And it’s awesome.  And it’s difficult.  And it’s all-consuming.  And it’s freedom.  All at the same time.

After a year like this, I will never be the same Marlis that I was in 2009.  I’ve learned things that have made me a better photographer and better person, and some of those things I learned the hard way.  Still, it’s always good to learn, and even better to remember the lesson!

It’s been interesting pulling out images for this slideshow.  I didn’t realize that so much happened in 12 short months… lots of headshots and wedding photos, cute kids, visits to (and from) family, beautiful weather in Vancouver (what!?! it doesn’t rain all the time!),  and the OLYMPICS.  Yes, lots of photos of the fun I had there.  But those are for another time…

I also noticed all the opportunities that came my way from people I know.  You’ve helped me on the path to realizing my dream of doing what I love all the time.  Thanks to you folks! You are awesome.

There are just too many photos to post so I made a little slideshow.  (Note: I’m a little green at these and I now have an even bigger respect for video artists.)

So click HERE to be whisked away to YouTube or HERE to Vimeo and enjoy 3 minutes and 45 seconds of what me & my camera saw in 2010.

Your ears will be graced by the musical musings of Language-Arts – a song called Grandfather of the Buffalo.  Thanks to Kristen for your music.


Vancouver, BC - False Creek View - We Just Won the GOLD!

Vancouver at night - False Creek ©Marlis Funk