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  • Garden Party Wedding in Calgary

  • A beautiful sunny day in early September in Calgary, Alberta - the perfect day for a Garden Party Wedding! The event was held at the Southern Alberta Memorial Building which overlooks the Elbow River with views of the Rocky Mountains. Shawn & Becky were ma[...]
  • Cousins | Family Portrait Photography

  • Given that it's Easter today and I'm not celebrating at home in Swift Current (where my Aunt always made the Paska), I was reminded of the family portrait session that took place at the last family get-together this winter. It was cold but sunny and windy - a[...]
  • Prairie Sky (and 120 Film)

  • There's something about shooting with film... especially black+white film, and even more especially shooting it with my TLR (that's twin lens reflex) Mamiya camera.  It was my Dad's from around the time I was born and he gave it to me before Photoschool in 200[...]
  • 2010 - The Year Reviewed in Images

  • It's been a big year for Imaging by Marlis. Not only did I venture into the Great Unknown (well, not really) and plunge into the world of self-employment, doing what I love full-time.  Not only is it what I love, it's now what I think about... pretty much mos[...]