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What do you do?

My focus is on portrait photography.  I love to create portraits, see you fall in love with them (as I do!) and then help you find ways to display them.  Beautiful portraits should be seen, not hidden on your computer.

You will have a chance to get to know me too.  See what a Portrait session entails here —> The Session

What makes Marlis Funk Photography different?

I’m all about building new connections and getting to know my clients.  I’m one of those folks who gain energy by being around people – a real extrovert!  I’d rather be hanging out with you creating portraits than sitting at my computer.

There’s more to creating a portrait than having a fancy camera.  We all see the world in our own unique way and that comes out in my photography.  Put that unique vision with a bunch of technical knowledge and love of creating and we’re on to something!

See more about me here —> This is Marlis

What does it cost to create a portrait with Marlis Funk Photography?

Depends on who, where and when… more information about your investment here —> Investment

Or send me your questions!  Contact Marlis

What’s new and exciting for Marlis Funk Photography?

Lots going on!  You can see what’s happening through the Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram!

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