Character Portraits of Writing Coach Sarah Dobson

Vancouver in the spring time is glorious – my favourite season there. I love photographing in Queen Elizabeth Park then. It is filled with lush greens and warm light – a perfect backdrop for a character portrait session! Character Portraits are kind of fancy-pants headshots. They are a fun way to create interesting portraits that show who you are, in all your awesomeness.

I have the pleasure of calling Sarah Dobson a friend, and I was honoured to create her portraits. At the time, it was a new venture, and now it has reached its first anniversary! Sarah is an academic editor and grant consultant. “Bottom line: she helps people write clearly and strategically for the right audience.” Please check out her website and wonderful fancy-pants bio.

Congratulations on your first year, Sarah! Thanks for a fabulous session.

Vancouver photosessions are happening again this October! Please contact Marlis for more information.

©Marlis Funk