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I love autumn and I was surprised at how fast it came and went here in Winnipeg. Time is flying –  just six months ago, I was preparing to leave Vancouver and move to Winnipeg… saying farewell to the mountains and the ocean and hello to the big sky.

As winter approaches, I am inclined to think of what’s on the other side… glorious spring! I have lived on the west and east coast of Canada and my favourite season on the west side is spring. Those pretty pink and white blossoms after all that rain… it’s heavenly.

This past April before I moved east, I spent an evening with the lovely Tegan McMartin at Cates Park in North Vancouver. Tegan is a photographer in Vancouver. It was our second meeting that week – the first being the evening before when she photographed me. (Tegan’s post HERE. I love it!)

It certainly is… well… weird to be on the other side of the camera. (Also weird to photograph another photographer!) But Tegan was a natural and playful in the glorious evening light. And that smile. GORGEOUS.

While I love the big sky, I am really looking forward to my next Vancouver trip to be at the ocean again – Thanksgiving weekend! There’s a couple spots still open for portraits that weekend – please contact me if you’re in Vancouver and want a session.

Thanks for a fun session Tegan and thanks for the assist Caelie!

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