Preparing for your portrait session

Having your portraits created is a very exciting thing!  It’s about being proud of who you are, and having an image of this part of your life.  It’s an opportunity to look and feel your best, and then show the world how amazing you are.

You’re not worried, are you?

That’s why some preparation is in order.  With each portrait session, I like to do a consultation – preferably in person so we get a sense of each other, or over the phone if there’s distance involved.

Sabrina - Imaging by MarlisIn the consultation we talk about what style of photos you’re looking for and what they will be used for.  It could be that you need a new headshot for your website and social media.

A character portrait is an image that says something about who you are, where you are and even where you’re going.

You can include your portrait on social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) as well as your business card.




Father and Son - Imaging by Marlis

Or it could be that you’re looking to capture this moment in your family’s life.

Kids grow and change so quickly that it’s important to have images from each stage of their lives!

Once the images are created, we can create prints and albums to send to family, collections for the wall, table top art for the office and little prints for kids to share with their friends.




In the consultation, we talk about what to do to get ready for the session.  Here are a few of the tips:


Choose something that you LOVE to wear, and that makes you feel good about yourself.  This could be the reason to find something new, or else stick with your favourite.

C+D - Imaging by Marlis

Make sure the clothing fits properly.  Too loose or too tight will show and add unnecessary creases or folds.

Choose colours in tone groups – such as jewel tones or earthy tones – especially for families.  You can get creative and really mix & match!

Colourful Family 1- Imaging By Marlis

Be careful with patterns and stripes. Avoid logos and words.

And make sure to check yourself out!  Try on the outfit in front of a full-length mirror, and if you like what you see, be sure to compliment yourself.

(“wow! you look terrific! you should have your photo taken!”)

Things to do in advance:

Hair cut: one week in advance

(Women) Facial waxing: 3-5 days in advance

(Men) Shave: That day.  A fresh shave looks great!  Unless you are keeping that beard or moustache…

Alex M - Movember - Imaging by Marlis

Socks (if you are wearing a skirt or shorts): take it off a few hours in advance to avoid sock lines – the same goes with your watch

Pack a little photosession bag:

Makeup: bring a light powder or foundation to reduce shine and cover any blemishes

A small mirror

Scarves, hats, jewelry… sometimes there isn’t time for a wardrobe change, so alter the look with accessories!

Any special props (that we discussed)

Baseball T - Imaging by Marlis

A (reusable) bottle of water: you can get thirsty being sooooooo good-looking!

Directions to the photosession location

With all this taken care of, you’ll be ready to enjoy the session and have some fun!

Vancouver Breeze - Imaging by Marlis

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See you soon!Colourful Family 2- Imaging By Marlis

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