Prairie Sky (and 120 Film)

There’s something about shooting with film… especially black+white film, and even more especially shooting it with my TLR (that’s twin lens reflex) Mamiya camera.  It was my Dad’s from around the time I was born and he gave it to me before Photoschool in 2006.  It shoots square 2-and-a-quarter negs. 120 Film.  ahhhhh… just saying all that gives me goosebumps.

It’s like that fancy dress in the back of the closet that doesn’t get worn very often but it feels so good to put on and I love having the chance to wear it.  That’s what film is to me now.

I’m having an itching to wear that dress… or more like shoot some film on my Mamiya.  I’ll bring out the camera in a future post, but for now here’s some neg scans I found lurking in the back of my harddrive.

That film grain… wow.  It’s like you can touch it!

And of course, it’s the Prairie Sky in summer… making me a bit homesick…

Prairie Sky 1 - MFunkPrairie Sky 2 - MFunkWow, I really geeked out there.

©Marlis Funk 2012