Portrait and Article in the Georgia Straight

I’m pretty excited to have been interviewed and photographed for an article in Vancouver’s Georgia Straight – “Canada’s largest urban weekly”.  The article talks about Facebook’s face recognition photo tagging and privacy concerns and I was happy to voice my opinion.  I like some things about Facebook, but not everything.  And this new automatic tagging… well, to quote myself… “it freaks the heck out of me”.

It was fun to get my portrait taken as well… it’s been a while.  It was a rainy day so I grabbed my umbrella and was happy when the photographer was willing to be outside despite the dreary weather!

If you are in Vancouver, pick up a copy – they are conveniently located throughout the city!  I’m in the Technology section – page 18.  Yes, the page after the Bin Laden picture.

Georgia Straight - May 5, 2011 - Page 18

Or you can read it online here.

Article by Emily Elias. Portrait by Stephen Hui.