make.believe.for real… with Sabrina

It’s so exciting that make.believe. for real, Sabrina’s website went live today!  I had a preview of Sabrina’s session a while ago (click here) and I have more now.

I’ve had the privilege of working a bit with Sabrina this fall, and it brought a drive to push my creativity to a new level… I have so many ideas for the new year!

And you should check out the website! is “inspiration for the vocation-minded”.  Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter.

Back to the photos! It was a great session – a beautiful Saturday in Gastown.  There were lots of laughs, collaborating, and even a bit of a catwalk… oooooo and great coffee/tea/hot chocolate at the new Milano on Powell St. (love it in there!).


Sabrina-088-ESabrina-097-E© Imaging by Marlis 2011