Lenore & Brett visit Saskatoon | Saskatchewan Portrait Photography

I was so excited when Lenore emailed to say that she and her husband Brett would drive from Edmonton to meet me in Saskatoon for a portrait session this past June.  Lenore had entered my L-O-V-E contest back in February, and wanted to use the extra special bonus she got for entering.

Lenore and I go waaaaay back to high school days, where we were co-editors of the yearbook.  I was the photo-editor and Lenore was “everything else” editor… more or less.  😉  We were given nicknames by our staff advisor, Mr. Marsh – “Marlis the red” and “Lenore the Lucky” – though I’m not sure why.

Anyway.  It was GREAT to see Lenore after many years, and to meet her husband Brett.  They are obviously awesome together – two people with the same sense of humour who love to laugh.  A LOT.  They were both game to play for the camera, put up with the on-again-off-again rain and were kind when I swallowed a bug.

We started out in the “field of random sculptures” (that’s what I call it) at the University of Saskatchewan.

LB - Portrait 01 MFunkLB - Portrait 02 MFunkLB - Portrait 03 MFunkAfter a brief rain interlude, we moved around the beautiful University of Saskatchewan campus.

LB - Portrait 04 MFunkLB - Portrait 05 MFunkLB - Portrait 07 MFunkLB - Portrait 06 MFunkLB - Portrait 09 MFunkLB - Portrait 12MFunkLB - Portrait 08 MFunkLB - Portrait 11 MFunkLB - Portrait 10 MFunkIt was a great session – thanks for so much fun!

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