Day Seven: Photographer as Subject | Christmastide – 12 days of blogging

Hello and Happy New Year’s Eve!

It is Day 7 of the 12 days of blogging that coincides with Christmastide (the twelve days of Christmas).

Today’s post is a bit of a switcheroo – I’m the subject instead of the photographer!  It had been a few years since I had the opportunity to be properly photographed by a professional… it wasn’t that I was avoiding it, it was more that I didn’t know who I wanted to photograph me.  I have so many amazing photography friends and there are so many awesome photographers that I follow that I had trouble deciding.

I wanted it to be an experience that would help me better understand how my clients feel when they contact me and get ready for their session.  So I decided that this time I wanted to work with someone that I knew and trusted.  And someone who’s work I loved in a style that I envy because it’s not my style.

Then it came to me – Erin Weiss!  She’s from my hometown and we’ve known each other since we were wee ones and more so through our days at Camp Elim.  She’s an amazing artist and I love the things she creates with her company boolah baguette.  (That’s the link to her facebook page – go there and give her the thumbs-up!!)  And she does photography too.  Here’s her site: erin weiss photography.  She is based in Saskatoon, and I was going there this past summer.

So we set up the appointment and I was hoping for sunshine.  We had a limited window – the session was happening before I flew back to Vancouver, rain or shine.  Thankfully it was a glorious summer’s day!

I admit… I was a bit nervous.  But the excited-nervous kind instead of the scared-nervous.  It feels very different being on that side of the camera.  I totally trusted Erin and I wanted a session that was her style so I tried not to suggest too many things.  I picked two outfits that were my summer’s favourites and my favourite jewelry pieces.  I tried to just be myself in front of the camera.

I LOVED the experience.

Here are some of my favourite images:

Marlis Funk 05 - Summer 2012Marlis Funk 01 - Summer 2012Marlis Funk 02 - Summer 2012Marlis Funk 04 - Summer 2012

My favourite bracelet by Biko

Marlis Funk 03 - Summer 2012Marlis Funk 06 - Summer 2012Marlis Funk 07- Summer 2012Marlis Funk 08 - Summer 2012Marlis Funk 13 - Summer 2012

So much gorgeous prairie sunshine!!!

Marlis Funk 09 - Summer 2012Marlis Funk 11 - Summer 2012Marlis Funk 10 - Summer 2012

I love this! I had confetti in my hair when I arrived at the airport (less than 30 minutes after these shots) that they asked me if I had been at a wedding.

Marlis Funk 12 - Summer 2012Marlis Funk 14 - Summer 2012Marlis Funk 15 - Summer 2012Marlis Funk 16 - Summer 2012

Thanks to Erin for the most wonderful session!


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