Day Two: My Rockstar Friends | Christmastide – 12 days of blogging

Happy Boxing Day!

This is Day 2 in the 12 days of blogging that will coincide with Christmastide (the twelve days of Christmas).  Conveniently, the twitter hashtag is #12daysofblogging.

Today’s post is a creative photosession I did with my friends in May.  I think they are Rockstars, at least in my world. 😉  And they look this good in real life too.

We went to the Opera Walk and skatepark at Hastings Park in Vancouver and had some fun!

Okay they are goofy sometimes too…

The Opera Walk in Hastings Park is really interesting.  I love the statues and the gardens. And the symmetry in the place makes me happy.  I should photograph here more often!  It’s been a while – I think my last session here was in 2008 (you can see it HERE).

Adriene 1 - Photo by Marlis Funk

The skatepark is next door.  Lots of colour and shapes!

Adriene 2 - Photo by Marlis Funk


I love sessions like this!  Get a group of friends together and let’s go.  Packages can include hair/makeup.  Contact me (click HERE) for more info.

Happy Holidays!

©Marlis Funk 2012

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