Character Portraits – BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

I had the privilege of working with the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS at St. Paul’s Hospital this past spring.  They were debuting a shiny new website and I photographed the Character Portraits of some of the Research Team members.

“The British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS is Canada’s largest HIV/AIDS research, treatment, and education facility. They are dedicated to improving the health of British Columbians with HIV through the development, ongoing monitoring and dissemination of comprehensive research and treatment programs for HIV and related diseases.” (from About Us)

The face of HIV/AIDS has changed so much since it was first brought to the world’s attention, and these researchers had a lot to do with it.

You can view some of the Character Portraits on their website – Our Directors

BC-CfE Researcher 2BC-CfE Researcher 1

BC-CfE Researcher 3

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