Changes! (a new logo, city, haircut… lots of photos!)

Sometimes good things happen all at once.  And sometimes it’s more like one good thing leads to another.  That’s been my last year.  It’s been wonderful and changing.

First of all, I have recently moved to Winnipeg!  I’m excited about the opportunities that will come from being here including new clients, new locations and being closer to our families.

I am sad to have left Vancouver where I’ve lived for the last 6 years… it’s the place where I started Imaging by Marlis.  I am so happy that I’ve met many wonderful people over the years!  In the next few months, I hope to connect with you again – photo-trips are being planned for June and October 2014!

With this new move, Imaging by Marlis is changing to Marlis Funk Photography.  The new website,, will be ready (soon!).  The new logo was designed by Christina of Paperclip Creative (love it!).


With a new look for the business, I got a new haircut and a new headshot by Tegan McMartin.  I’m in love with my photos!  (See Tegan’s post –> here)

Marlis_by_Tegan_McMartin010-11_pngThis move is partly to do with an amazing event from last summer… I got married!  The wedding took place at Tinkers Places in Nestor Falls, Ontario (a beautiful fishing lodge near Lake of the Woods with amazing food and people).

It was wonderful.

Coralee from Red Photo Co. captured the moments of our day.  Marlis-Ken Wedding 339 png Marlis-Ken Wedding 526 png

This was followed by a trip to Newfoundland – a place I’ve wanted to visit for years and years.  I can’t describe how much I love it there.

Cape Spear, Newfoundland Gros Morne Mountain Hike

With so much happening, I haven’t been blogging very often.  I hope you have seen a bit of what’s going on from the Facebook page or from Twitter, but if you’ve fallen behind, then here is a peek into what has been happening:

Lots of Portraits and “Character Portraits”/headshots!

L-Fam_07E-blog W-39E png Tegan-65-png Rhonda-22b-png MM-DT-19-png MaryM-05E-png BrianG-03E-png Caitlin-06-11E-png GailMurray-17EE-png KarenFaryna-43E-png MM-DT-61-png_MM20347-png And Events:


CHES3-177-pngArt events,

ColourNoise-104-pngand a McGill Alumni event about edible grasshoppers!

McGill-Van_100-pngThrow in some family visits and a few trips… a busy year!

MooseAntlers-06-08-png Simon-Hospital-28-png _PLY1113-K png _PLY1097-fam-png HorseshoeBay-20140413-png

With the arrival of spring in Vancouver, we made our way east to Winnipeg.

_MMH4051-pngAnd there we go… Thanks for some fascinating years, Vancouver.

I look forward to new and exciting adventures!
See you at 🙂

© Marlis Funk 2014