Vancouver Wedding Portraits in January!

I love the couples that decide they want to create wedding photographs outside… in January. Bravery mixed with a bit of adventure and maybe a dash of crazy. ¬†ūüôā ¬†My kind of portrait session!

Tatiane & Frederic currently call Vancouver home.  They requested we create the images in one of their favourite places РSunset Beach in West End Vancouver.  They showed me where they used to play volleyball and hang out by the logs.  Connection of love and place.

SunsetBeach-12E-bg SunsetBeach-16-bg SunsetBeach-18-bg

Playfulness =  moving around to keep warm!

SunsetBeach-09-bg SunsetBeach-46-47--bg SunsetBeach-33-bg SunsetBeach-38E-bg SunsetBeach-41-bg

Running off to the sunset…

SunsetBeach-51-bgSunsetBeach-55-bg SunsetBeach-94E-bg SunsetBeach-84-bg SunsetBeach-88E-bg

Before we had this glorious Vancouver sunset, we stopped by the Sun Yat-Sen Gardens in Gastown.   I love the pop of colour and the beauty of the gardens.

SunYatSen-01-06E-bg SunYatSen-25-bg SunYatSen-32-bg SunYatSen-39E-bg SunYatSen-43-bg SunYatSen-79-80-bg SunYatSen-70E-bg SunYatSen-66E-bg SunYatSen-59-bg©Marlis Funk 2014

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