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This time of year, as summer leaves us once again, it feels like ‘back-to-school’ time even though I’m not going back to school.  I like that feeling of starting something new as the summer winds down.  Back-to-school is equated with getting that yearly photo taken.  Some years I was more than happy to get last year’s photo off of the fridge and get a new one up… maybe I had a new haircut or maybe I was tired of looking at pink & blue lazers on last year’s backdrop.

At one point did we stop getting our portrait taken annually?  The annual portrait is like that doorframe that marked how much you grew since your last birthday… a visual record of how we’ve changed and what we like as years progress.  Even though we feel like we change less as we get older, we still are changing.

Here’s your chance.  Create a visual doorframe of your life.  Book a session.  Then mark your calendar for next year too.

The fun part is that this photo session will be about you and your tastes, not which backdrop was popular at that time.   And even better, you can share these photos on the ‘world fridge’ (ie: the internet) so your old classmates can see how much more awesome you get every year.

(oh yes, when you thought it wasn’t possible to be more awesome, you did it.)

Alright!  Connect with Marlis Let’s get you a new portrait.

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Headshot Sampler Sept 2013

©Marlis Funk 2013

ps. sorry, at this time I don’t have any pink & blue lazer backdrops.