Photography Workshops

Marlis Funk Photography is offering new Photography Workshops this year! These workshops are designed to help you learn more about photography and become more confident with your camera settings. Workshops are 2 or 3 hours in length, and include take-home notes, tips you can apply to your everyday photography and an opportunity to put your skills into action.

DSLR Workshop for Parents

DSLR Workshop for Parents:
Are you looking to create memorable images of their family? This two hour workshop is designed with parents in mind. It will cover photography basics, your DSLR camera settings and tips for using the light that is in your home. It also includes tips for organizing and storing your images.

The workshop is a small group event. Parents that have a DSLR and want to use more than the “auto mode” are invited to join. Please contact Marlis for dates and costs.

Vancouver Family Photography

“Creative Eye” Development:
Looking to create unique images with your camera? These three hour workshops are for those with an interest in artistic imagery and for going beyond the “auto” mode. We will review how to use manual settings and discuss composition. During a photowalk, we will practice compositional techniques and create conceptual images.

Please contact Marlis for dates and costs.

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Private Tutorials:
Private tutorials are available for those wanting to learn more about their camera settings and how to use them to create interesting images. Tutorials for using film, organization of images and basic photo editing are a few of the other topics available.

Please contact Marlis for more information and costs.


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