Natalie & Beau | West Coast Wedding Photography

Beau & Natalie were prepared for both sun and rain, I just can’t believe how HOT it was on their day – it was like we were in the “Deep South” instead of “North West”.  They started their ceremony a little later in the day, and had umbrellas for the guests.  The white umbrellas in the sun were so pretty and great for shade before the ceremony started.

We met up with Natalie and her Ohio family in a beautiful B&B while she got ready.

NB - Bride Get Ready 1NB - Bride Get Ready 3NB - Bride Get Ready 2

NB - Bride Get Ready 4

NB - Bride Portrait 1NB - Bride Portrait 2

NB - Wedding Ceremony 2

The ceremony location was a beautiful little park overlooking Seattle Center.  Gorgeous!

NB - Wedding Ceremony 1NB - Wedding Ceremony 3NB - Wedding Ceremony 5NB - Wedding Ceremony 4

NB - Wedding Ceremony 6NB - Wedding Portrait 8Natalie & Beau - EMP 1NB - Wedding Dance 2Congratulations!

Photography © Imaging by Marlis

Makeup by Hannah Bush.

Images by Marlis Funk & Anna-Marie Krahn

NB - Wedding Reception 12