Happy First Anniversary Ken+Anita! | Saskatoon Wedding Photography

Last year I was asked by my best friend’s Dad to photograph his wedding in Saskatoon.  How awesome is that!  So many fun (and sometimes crazy) memories of hanging out with Becks when I was growing up that I was excited to be a part of this new happy event.

This wedding was a bit different than today’s ‘usual’ as it took place as a part of the Sunday morning worship service.  Anita is one the pastors at Nutana Park Mennonite Church.  It was a full house and that made the singing even better.  I grew up around four-part harmony hymn singing and it was truly wonderful to be surrounded by it when I was photographing.

Ken+Anita Ceremony1Ken+Anita Ceremony3

The lunch reception was held at the Western Development Museum.  There was music by some of the grandkids and the “Saskatune Singers”.

Ken+Anita Reception2Ken+Anita Reception4Ken+Anita Reception3Ken+Anita Reception1

There was a “memory gift” for the couple that everyone signed.

After the reception, we had the opportunity to create some portrait in the “1910 Boomtown” exhibit.

Ken+Anita Portrait1Ken+Anita Portrait2Ken+Anita Portrait3Ken+Anita Portrait5Ken+Anita Portrait6Ken+Anita Portrait7

Happy First Anniversary!

Ken+Anita Portrait4

©Imaging by Marlis