Dale Nichols: In Full Colour | Vancouver Portrait Photographer

This past January I had the pleasure of creating portraits of my friend Dale.  Dale and I met back in Regina when we both worked at Don’s Photo… funny thing is, it was my last day of work there and his first day.  We just clicked.  Dale is such a warm and creative guy.  And driven.  (Since we met in 2006 he also added “helicopter pilot” to his list of awesome things he’s done.)

This session was an early step (kick in the pants?) for him to get going on his publishing some of his music.  We were able to get into the Epiphany Chapel at UBC, where there’s a nice grand piano and really great winter light.  It was really easy to work with Dale, especially when he starts playing.

(I can’t believe photographing someone while they play their own composition could be considered ‘work’… I’m pretty lucky!)

Check out Dale’s debut EP!  You can listen to bits and then buy it via his site www.dalenicholsmusic.com or buy it from iTunes (click HERE).  Connect with Dale on Facebook to get updates and such.

Dale 05 - Imaging by MarlisDale 06 - Imaging by MarlisDale 04 - Imaging by MarlisDale 03 - Imaging by MarlisDale 02 - Imaging by MarlisDale 07 - Imaging by MarlisDale 09 - Imaging by MarlisDale 08 - Imaging by MarlisDale 01 - Imaging by Marlis

And Dale was nice to take this shot of me!  (oh my hands were cold!)

All the best in your latest adventure Dale!

©Imaging by Marlis 2012