Day Six: In Love – Portraits of couples | Christmastide – 12 days of blogging

Hello lovelies!

Here we are on Day 6 of the 12 days of blogging that coincides with Christmastide (the twelve days of Christmas).

Today is LOVE.  Couples IN love.  Lots of smiles and laughter and a little goofiness.

This session was at Queen Elizabeth Park last fall.  The brilliant red leaves are amazing!  So are Caitlin and David.  The session was a lot of fun. And they got engaged at this park!

Caitlin + David 1Caitlin + David 2Caitlin + David 3Caitlin + David 4Caitlin + David 5Caitlin + David 6Caitlin + David 7Caitlin + David 8

Congrats to Caitlin & David on their wedding in October this year!

This next session stands out in my mind as a team effort mixed with a bit of patience while we waited for the perfect weather!  The session was at Campbell Valley park in Langley where Erin rides her horse.  Erin had this idea, and while the entire session was awesome, this image really stands out for me (I just LOVE it!):

Erin + Tristan 1

We went on to create many more beautiful images.

Erin + Tristan 2Erin + Tristan 4 - Imaging by MarlisErin + Tristan 3Erin + Tristan 5Erin + Tristan 6Erin + Tristan 7

Congrats to Erin + Tristan on their wedding in July this year!

Check out their wedding images: Part One and Part Two.


One more session from Vancouver!  With balloons.  And lots of colour.

Mary + John 1Mary + John 3Mary + John 2

I love the shapes in this image!

It so happens that these were all engagement portrait sessions, however, I feel that couples shouldn’t have to wait until they are about to get married to have an ‘in-love’ session!

What more than that self-portrait of the two of you?  Have an idea for your session?  Contact me and let’s go!

©Imaging by Marlis 2012

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