Day One: Family | Christmastide – 12 days of blogging

Happy Christmas!

I’m excited for the 12 days of blogging that will coincide with Christmastide (the twelve days of Christmas).  It’s a series of blog posts of photos I haven’t had a chance to post!

Since it’s Christmas day today, I thought the first post would be about my family.  Well… primarily my nieces and nephew, as they are so fun and growing up so fast.  This year I’ve stayed in Vancouver for Christmas and, while I saw my (Saskatchewan) niece in October and I will see my (Ontario) niece and nephew in January, I still miss them lots and lots today!!!

This is my family (summer 2012):

Funk Family August 2012

My (Saskatchewan) niece Norah:

And my (Ontario) niece Anna and nephew John:

Albrechts - Summer 2012

John & Anna were pretty excited about bike riding this summer.

Bike riding in WaldeckAnna bikingMy nephew the golferFinn the CatVincat!

Norah at the baseball game

The cousins came to visit this summer!

Cousins Summer 2012

We made ice cream at Grandpa’s house.

Old fashioned Ice Cream machineMaking ice cream

We visited Doc’s Town Heritage Village.

Docs Town

Docs Town - CousinsDone.

This little one is done for the day!

I went back home this October because my Grandpa passed away.  Grandpa was 90.  I miss him.

It was nice to be home then – it was almost Norah’s first birthday!  I was able to take some family photos for the special occasion.

C G N Funk October 2012Norah in the leaves 3Norah in the leaves 2

C G N Funk 1

She’s such a fun age for play!

Norah at home

So much to discover – like strawberries and pineapple!

Norah tries strawberriesNorah tries pineappleNorah in the highchair

And books are her favourite.

Norah and books

I’m looking forward to visiting John & Anna in their new house this January – I’m sure I’ll have more pictures to share from that visit!

Merry Christmas!

©Marlis Funk 2012

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