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  • South Granville Massage Therapy

  • I had the pleasure of working with Denis and Mandy of South Granville Massage this summer.  They are so lovely and relaxed, fun and professional - wonderful attributes for their line of work in my opinion! It turns out that Denis and I have a lot of common fr[...]
  • Movember Profile - Jonny from Wintermitts

  • Movember. If you have been wondering why there seems to be more moustaches around all of a sudden, then you'll be happy to know that there's a reason.  I happen to rather dislike the Movember look.  A Moustache is not for everyone.  My Dad has had a moustache [...]
  • Vancouver Timeraiser - Art Winners

  • This will be my second year of involvement with Timeraiser, and I'm very excited about it - it's such a great idea!  Everyone involved is a winner - the artists, the volunteers and the agencies.  Check out their website - - to get the whole p[...]