Garden Party Wedding in Calgary

A beautiful sunny day in early September in Calgary, Alberta – the perfect day for a Garden Party Wedding! The event was held at the Southern Alberta Memorial Building which overlooks the Elbow River with views of the Rocky Mountains. Shawn & Becky were married under the bright sunshine surrounded by family and friends. Lots of smiles, laughter and love during the ceremony, followed by stories, lawn games in the sunshine, mojitos and lots of delicious food.

This wedding was extra special as I was there as a guest and the photographer. Becky & I grew up together and have a history of adventures together.

Congrats to Becky & Shawn! So happy to see your love and laughter.

Becky-Shawn 04 Becky-Shawn 05 Becky-Shawn 06 Becky-Shawn 07 Becky-Shawn 08 Becky-Shawn 09 Becky-Shawn 10 Becky-Shawn 11 Becky-Shawn 12 Becky-Shawn 26 Becky-Shawn 27 Becky-Shawn 25 Becky-Shawn 24 Becky-Shawn 23 Becky-Shawn 22So fun to be a guest!

Becky-Shawn 21 Becky-Shawn 20 Becky-Shawn 13 Becky-Shawn 14 Becky-Shawn 16 Becky-Shawn 15 Becky-Shawn 19 Becky-Shawn 02 Becky-Shawn 17 Becky-Shawn 18 Becky-Shawn 01Thanks for a great party.

Don’t. Stop. Now. 🙂

©Marlis Funk 2014


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