Monthly archives:May 2016

  • Photography Workshops

  • Marlis Funk Photography is offering new Photography Workshops this year! These workshops are designed to help you learn more about photography and become more confident with your camera settings. Workshops are 2 or 3 hours in length, and include take-home note[...]
  • May Photosessions in Vancouver!

  • I'm looking forward to the next Vancouver photosessions! They are coming up very quickly - May 20-24. Please contact Marlis to book a session! While it has been two years (!!) since Marlis Funk Photography moved to Winnipeg, I love my visits and photosessio[...]
  • Here we go! Baby, we're back.

  • I am so pleased to be back! It has been a fun and amazing and exhausting and unforgettable few months since our little guy was born. Now that the weather is warming up I am thinking about creating images and having an awesome summer being a Photographer AND a [...]